Hello everyone!

I am Francesca, an italian children’s illustrator & graphic designer from Rome, currently based in Turin, Italy.
I like drawing characters, animals and colorful scenes, all mixed with a bit of irony.

I graduated in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano.
I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, and I soon realized that graphic design couldn’t be my only profession.
So over time, I specialized in digital illustration.

I love blank pages, libraries and the unpredictability of the sea. Sometimes I write to accompany my drawings, other times I draw to accompany my texts. Fortunately, my drawer is always full of blank pages waiting to be filled.

If you would like to contact me for any project, collaboration, or just to say hello, drop me a line at divito.francesca@gmail.com

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︎ Instagram  - ︎ Behance